Leg ulcers treatment – (7 Days To Visible Healing -Watch The Video) should begin immediately upon determining you are suffering with a leg ulcer.  Leg ulcers are most often painful and they can be difficult to heal.  In addition, you may feel fear, anger and depression as a result of suffering with these wounds.  Immediate leg ulcers treatment will help to minimize the risk of chronic and infected wounds. (cont. below)

If you suffer from poor circulation you may be prone to leg ulcers that form on your lower legs.  This may be a result of faulty “valves” in your legs which allow blood to pool in the area.  A simple test called a Doppler ultrasound should be performed to measure the blood flow to your legs.

Both men and women suffer from leg ulcers.  Leg ulcers may develop as a result of an injury to your leg or conditions such as:

Look for the following signs and symptoms:

Leg ulcers treatment includes the following:

You may require help from several different healthcare practitioners as well as help at home that may include natural remedies.

Leg ulcer treatments do not end when the ulcer is healed.  You will want to practice all of the following tips to prevent leg ulcers from returning:

  1. Check your skin often and moisturize daily
  2. Continue to wear support stockings or compression bandages as prescribed
  3. Replace the stockings every 3 to 6 months to ensure a proper level of compression
  4. Be very careful not to injure your legs
  5. Avoid extreme temperatures and don’t sit close to a fire
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Maintain a healthy diet
  8. Elevate your legs as often as possible

If any damage occurs to your skin see your health practitioner immediately